Handy hints for packing

China – Pack 2 size carton (450 x 450 x 500)

Use Greers crushed white paper (in balls) at the bottom of the carton for impact protection.  Wrap each item individually in white paper.  For maximum protection use extra layers.  When wrapping dinner plates, pack each plate, edge down and fill any spare space in the carton with crushed white paper.  Ensure that cartons are packed to the top (use crushed paper, towels or linen if required).  This will prevent the cartons from collapsing.

Glassware – Pack 2 size carton (450 x 450 x 500) or book box (approx 480 x 330 x 355)

1. Assemble the box making sure the bottom is well taped

2. Line the bottom of the box with crushed paper

3. Use white paper to provide protection to glasses and fine crystal

4. Wrap in a double layer of paper or corrugated card and place them upside down in the carton

5. If you are packing sets of glasses use layers of packing paper to create an additional ‘shelf’ within the carton and pack the next set on top of this ‘shelf’.

6. Stuff crushed paper between the wrapped items and the inside of the box to provide protection and also between each item

7. Top off the packed box with crushed paper before closing the lids and securing with tape

8. To check if you've packed adequately - shake the box - a well packed box should make no sound

Books and Magazines

Book cartons (approx 480 x 330 x 355) are ideal for packing hard or soft back books.  Group books of the same size together and pack spine up wherever possible.  A book carton will contain on average, 50 books per carton.


Remove the light bulb and shade and wrap the base of the lamp in white paper.  Place in a carton and fill in the spaces around the lamp base with crushed white paper.  Use fresh white paper to wrap the lampshade and pack into a separate box along with the bulb.  Various sizes of lamp shade may fit inside each other.


Wardrobe cartons are specially made for clothes that need to remain on their hangers whilst in transit or storage.  Place your clothes on the hanger and before taping up the carton – add a line of tape across the top of the rail to keep the hangers in place.  Lightweight items can be packed into the bottom of wardrobe cartons. e.g. handbangs, shoes etc.

Clothing that does not need to be hung can be flat packed into a suitcase or Pack 2 carton. Sheets (or shoe boxes) should be packed into book boxes.


Greers Pack 3 (450 x 450 x 760) Cartons are ideal for duvets, folded linen, towels and bedding

DVDs and CDs

DVDs and CDs and videos can be stacked neatly into Greers book cartons.  Ensure that all space around the items is filled so that they do not slide about in the box.  Use crushed paper, towels or linen to ensure that the cartons are filled to the top.


When packing food, always ensure you double check that each screw top has been closed properly.  Seal open boxes of cereals or other goods with a line of tape.  Heavy food items should be packed into a Greers book boxes for easy carrying.  Lighter food items can be packed into Greers Pack 2 cartons using white paper to separate the items and pad out the space. Do not pack liquids or wet items.

Vinyl Records and Personal Paperwork

Vinyl records are heavy and should be packed into Greers Book cartons (approx 480 x 330 x 355).

Pictures and Mirrors

Wrap your pictures and mirrors in paper blankets or bubble wrap to protect the frames and secure with vinyl tape.  Place the wrapped picture/mirror into a flat carton with the bottom edge taped up.  Then secure the opposite open edge.  Contact our office for specific guidance on packing these items.  Small pictures and mirrors may be packed in between clothing or linen.


Greers can supply two types of mattress bags; - lightweight polythene covers or heavy duty, triple ply paper, paper bags.  Bags are available for most sizes of mattress.  Simply place the bag over the mattress, fold over the excess and securely tape down!

Tall Plants

Pack 3’s (450 x 450 x 760) and tall wardrobe cartons are ideal for packing tall plants that need a little added protection while you move.  Unpotted plants require plastic bags around the root.  Paper should be used to protect the base of plants.  Do not water just prior to or after packing.


Childrens toys should be placed into a large Pack 3 box (450 x 450 x 760) so they can be transported with ease.

Greers Packing Tips

If you are planning to pack your goods yourself, here are some simple tips to packing and wrapping that will help protect your goods during transit to your new home.